I have heard that an honest man is a mythical creature, but I was always in a state of denial till I experienced a few on my own and was compelled to accept the fact.

According to some psychologists, Lying has long been a part of everyday life. We couldn’t get through the day without being deceptive. Lie is a condition of life. Most people lie once or twice a day. Both men and women lie in approximately a fifth of their social exchanges lasting 10 or more minutes; over the course of a week they deceive about 30 percent of those with whom they interact one-on-one. When researchers refer to lying, they don’t include the mindless pleasantries we offer each other in passing, such as “I’m fine, thanks” or “No trouble at all”. An official lie actually misleads, deliberately conveying a false impression. So complimenting a friend’s awful haircut or telling your boss you’re sick when you’re not, both qualifies. Ever wondered you are lying and the person next to you already knows the truth? Ever wondered what impression of yours will he/she have?  Majority said they really care of what other person feels about them. Well, this is one of my fears while lying.

Why people usually lie?

  • A hidden fear of people might say to him.
  • Out of his greed to gain something (For his own selfish motives)


Let me share a story of a friend, who lied to his parents for going to a party that he was not allowed to. He found an easy trick to make it to the party by telling his parents that he is going for group studying and only on that day he met an accident and faced various injuries that caused him to stay on bed for some time period.

Imagine of idiotic trouble he got himself and his family into. It is now one of his greatest regrets of what impression he put to his younger siblings and parents.

If we reverse the story, there was this possibility of him to make some efforts to convince his parents and I’m sure there is always a good certainty in convincing anyone it’s just you have to be persistent enough to convince but he found it easy to lie and go because the process was short and the lesson that was learnt was for a lifetime.

Movies like Pinocchio, The ugly truth, The Invention of lying, Easy A are enough lessons to prove us of how lying is so easy and gets us in trouble in no time.

People adapt more to lying because sometimes the punishment to the lie would be more tolerable in comparison to the punishment given to the truth. For example; if you arrive late at work and tell your boss that you were stuck in traffic and he lets you get away with it, when actually you overslept and if you would have told him the truth he would have treated you with severity.

Not speaking the truth has made our lives and everyday relationships more complex. It’s high time people should realize that being honest takes a little more energy but it is really effective and that whoever tries to be honest society should not judge him and try to show a little acceptance to honesty.


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